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What is Our 43-Passenger Executive Bus Price?

43 bus seating
If you’re planning a large personal or company event and need a way to move guests or clients quickly and conveniently from one venue to another, consider the 43-passenger executive minibus from Signature Transport. Far less expensive, and much more comfortable and reliable than cabs or public transportation, our low executive bus price and exceptional professional service might just be the best part of your Chicago event.

How Much Does Our 43-Passenger Executive Bus Cost?

While set trip prices are $200 one way or $400 for a round trip excursion, our fees are negotiable and we do encourage potential clients to discuss their individual needs with one of our transportation specialists. We’ll be happy to review your itinerary, discuss your individual needs, and explore ways that we can make your event as affordable as possible while giving you and your guests a unique experience they won’t soon forget.

Do We Offer a Volume Discount?

If your event will require more than one vehicle, your guests need transportation to multiple locations, or you find that that you will require our services for multiple days, you may qualify for a volume service discount. Our contract specialists can help you review your plans, calculate your transportation needs, discuss necessary fees and determine the available discount during your private consultation.

What Does It Feature?

43 bus seatsOur Executive minibus is designed for comfort and convenience and offers a number of amenities guaranteed to enhance any event, such as:

  • Opulent Seating – Each passenger is given their own space in a luxurious leather-appointed quilted captain’s chair with armrests and retractable safety belts.
  • Charging Ports – To make sure your guests electronics are ready when they need them, each row has USB outlets and individual charging ports at the ready.
  • Flat Screen Televisions – Flat screen TVs allow your passengers to enjoy the media you choose to provide. Whether that is a blockbuster movie, sales videos, or you need to provide a quick brush-up on your presentation materials, your content is entirely up to you.
  • Wi-Fi – High-speed wireless internet service is available upon request to allow your guests to complete work, upload files, network with clients or share information on social media right from the bus.
  • Beverages – Cold water is provided at no additional charge, with juice and alcohol available to adult passengers on request by prearrangement.
  • Climate Control – No matter what the weather outside is, we’ll keep you comfortable with our state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning system inside our comfortable climate controlled cabin.
  • Professional Drivers – Each of our liveried drivers possess at least five year’s professional driving experience, have been thoroughly vetted, and receive customer service raining before being permitted to serve our clients.

Experience Easy Luxury with Our Low Executive Bus Prices to Your Next Chicago Event

Chaffeur Service ChicagoFind out more about our executive bus price for your next Chicago event, contact Signature Transport at (844) 266-5784 or visit our offices at 2300 Hamilton Road in Arlington Heights, IL to discuss your unique needs and see how we can serve you.