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Do You Offer Volume Discounts?

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There are times when your transportation needs surpass what any one vehicle can provide. Maybe you have a team of 50 or more headed to a business conference. Or you might be planning a wedding where you will need a limo, mini bus, and town car all at the same time. For events like those, rely on Signature Transportation where we offer volume discounts to our customers.

In addition to our large and varied fleet, we offer volume discounts to customers that have particularly large transportation needs. We don’t have a specific policy in place dictating when the discounts apply or how substantial they are. Instead, we work closely with each client to determine exactly how we can meet all his or her transportation requirements. Then we determine a fair price for our clients.

We have avoided creating a specific discount policy because our business model is all about providing customized service. If you need a lot of vehicles for a short amount of time or just a few vehicles for the whole day or weekend, we are happy to accommodate both scenarios and calculate a discount based on your specific needs. That tends to save our clients more money and ensures that everyone gets the best price possible.

With that in mind, you should consider utilizing our cars, limos, SUVs, and mini buses to handle the transportation for your next event. Instead of having everyone caravan in their own vehicle or dealing with the nightmare of traveling in a large group using cabs or public transportation, let the team at Signature Transportation turn your trip into an event of its own. We take the hassle out of travel so you can have fun and relax while you are getting from point A to point B and back again.

Save on Car Service by Calling Signature Transportation

If this option has you intrigued, we invite you to contact us directly. Speak to one of our transportation logistics experts and tell us exactly what we can do to meet your needs. We will do everything possible to accommodate you and your group and figure out the most generous discount possible. Call us at 844-BOOK-STG for a free estimate.