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STG Finally Solved the Chicago “dibs” Puzzle!

If you live anywhere around the Chicagoland area, there is a good chance you have put “dibs” on your parking spot. For those who do not know what “dibs” are, let me explain. A lot of Chicago residents rely on street parking to park their vehicles. When it snows (especially when it snows 100 inches like it did last week), these spots become more sacred than the ‘95 Bulls. Once a resident finally shovels their car out and decides to brave the winter Chicago roads, they may leave something in their spot in order to keep “dibs” on the spot they shoveled. Here are the general rules for “dibs” (that some people can’t seem to follow).

  1. Never move another neighbors “dibs” item in order for you to park there (there may be consequences if you do…)
  2. You can’t put dibs on a spot someone else shoveled!
  3. If you park somewhere else besides the spot you put “dibs” on, please go remove that item so other residents can park in the spot.

Some items that are often used to hold “dibs”

  1. Grandmas hand me down wooden stools
  2. Baby cribs (usually without babies in them)
  3. Stolen traffic cones
  4. Lawn Chairs
  5. Paint Buckets
  6. Bed frames
  7. Shovels (awful idea)

“Dibs” has been a long running competition in the Chicago Community. STG has finally found the answer to the “dibs” game…

Book a Vehicle with STG and never worry about shoveling out your parking spot! Genius!