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Top SeaWorld Attractions If You’re Visiting Central Florida


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If you’re planning a trip to Florida this year and aren’t sure which attractions will get you the most bang for your buck, you’re in luck. We’ve made a list of our favorite SeaWorld attractions guaranteed to make your Central Florida visit truly memorable. Check out our top picks here, then book your transportation online and enjoy the ride, while Signature Transportation Group in Central Florida takes care of the rest.

Our Favorite Rides at SeaWorld

If thrilling excitement is your idea of a good time, SeaWorld Central Florida has you covered. Check out these fun rides if you want to put a little adrenaline in your vacation:

  • Manta: Spin, dive, and glide on this extreme roller coaster, which imitates the movements of a giant Manta Ray. You’ll go up and over the water before you dive down at impossible speeds on one of the smoothest tracks in the world.
  • Kraken: Central Florida’s only floorless coaster takes riders to heights of more than 150 feet and drops them into the depths. A new digital overlay will add another layer to the adventure and create an immersive experience for riders when the ride re-opens this summer.
  • Mako: The tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Central Florida takes riders to dizzying heights of up to 200 feet and then sends them plunging down at speeds of up to 73 mph.
  • Journey to Atlantis: Visitors can explore the depths of the mythical city of Atlantis on this exciting flume ride that takes a trip through the tunnels beneath the city before plunging down into the waters beyond.
  • Wild Arctic: Explore the frozen North on this wild flight simulator ride that takes riders across frozen peaks and into deep frigid valleys en route to base station Wild Arctic.

Other Main Attractions

High adventure and thrill rides aren’t the only reasons to visit SeaWorld Central Florida. Visitors can take in trained animal shows, get up close and personal with animal experiences, enjoy seasonal events such as concerts and food festivals, and even enjoy fine dining experiences across the park.

For those looking to broaden their horizons, SeaWorld offers educational programs that highlight conservation and preservation efforts throughout the park. Parents can even arrange special sleepovers that let the kids enjoy a unique behind-the-scenes, after-hours experience.

Let Signature Transportation Group Get You There

Whether you’re visiting for a day, a week, or longer, Signature Transportation Group can get you where you need to be in style. Our fleet of new luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs guarantee that worrying about traffic, getting lost in a strange city, and the high cost of parking in Central Florida doesn’t put a damper on your family adventure. Choose an intimate ride for two, or bring along 40 of your closest friends. Either way, our fleet and our team of professionalchauffeurs will make getting there as much fun as being there.

The Top SeaWorld Attractions are More Accessible With a Ride from Signature Transportation Group

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