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Upselling Strategies for Winning Over Your Client

The best interview practices from Signature Transportation GroupUpselling is a term that refers to the art of selling additional goods or services to new or current customers, enhancing their overall experience and providing additional value, while increasing your revenue. When done improperly, such as with the notoriously pushy used car salesmen style, it can be off-putting. In extreme cases, it could end a deal. When upselling is done correctly, however, it can leave the client feeling well-served and understood, increasing your revenue and potentially opening the door to future business opportunities. Pick up a few upselling strategies for your Chicago clients, then allow Signature Transportation Group to sweeten the deal with our luxury car service and let your clients know they’re more to you than just the sale.

A Few Rules of Thumb When Upselling Your Client

To successfully upsell, it’s important that you listen to your clients and understand what their needs really are. A good service provider hears more than just what the client is saying; they hear what the client means, and deduces what services will actually benefit them, how to adjust current services to meet their needs, and which services to forgo altogether.

There are a few other tips for business owners to keep in mind as well:

  • a driver with a passenger

    Set Goals. Make a plan for any new project with your client and track it. Identify any areas of need where the system isn’t working or client expectations are being underserved. If you can, offer solutions that not only enhance the customer experience, but can also improve your bottom line.

  • Provide Value. Just telling the client your additional product or service can help them isn’t enough. Show them how with data, examples, and samples.

  • Be Timely. Do not attempt to upsell the client if the project is late or failing. Approach the client only when you have “wins” to share, and then provide them with additional options for even more success.

  • Pitch Stories. Explain why you feel the client could benefit from your upsell and how it can improve their business. If the client understands the potential reward from following your advice, they are more likely to see your new service as an investment, not just another business expense.

  • Be Transparent. If you’re forthright about the cost of your services, and you give your client a clear understanding of where their money is going, they’re more likely to be at ease with you.

Let Signature Transportation Group Help

Chaffeur Service ChicagoSignature Transportation can help you to treat that important client right. Our luxury car service and professional staff provide a luxurious, dignifying space from which to conduct business. At Signature Transportation Group, we take the worry out of Chicago travel and give your client one more reason to be excited to work with you.

Sweeten Your Upselling Strategies With Our Exclusive Chicago Car Service

Sweeten the deal for those special clients and combine successful upselling strategies with our luxury car service. Contact Signature Transport at (844) BOOK-STG or visit our offices at 2300 Hamilton Road in Arlington Heights to learn more.