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Are All of Your Vehicles Company Owned?

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This is a question we get asked all the time and are always happy to answer. Yes, all of our vehicles are company owned. And that really sets us apart compared to other Chicago car service companies.

Owned, Operated, and Maintained by Signature Transportation

Signature Transportation owns every single vehicle in our fleet, and we take full responsibility for their maintenance and detailing. That’s one of the reasons they look so good and run so reliably. Each one is serviced by professional mechanics that know our business and know our vehicles. Each one is also carefully detailed according to standards that we have prescribed and our customers have come to expect.

These might sound like minor points, but they really do matter when you are expecting quality transportation around Chicago. Think of cabs, for instance. How many times have you been in a cab with filthy seats, an unpleasant odor, or a broken air conditioner? You may have gotten where you wanted to go, but the vehicle you rode in was sorely lacking. The same thing happens all the time with drivers for companies for outsourced companies without clear central regulation standards to follow.

We discovered early on that the only way to deliver a consistently quality experience for every one of our clients and guests was to have full control and oversight of the vehicles. We start with recent model year luxury automobiles and mini buses, take excellent care of them, and entrust them to background-checked chauffeurs who put our guests first.

It’s because of our commitment to quality that people come to us for transportation for the biggest and most important events. We regularly provide transportation services for large, show stopping weddings, and also corporate events in which no detail can be spared. Since we know how important these moments are to our guests, we make sure that our vehicles rise to the occasion.

Choose Signature Transportation Today

Speaking of those vehicles, we have lots of options to choose from, ranging from black sedans to 39 passenger mini buses. If you have an event coming up and you need a reliable transportation alternative, contact us at 844-BOOK-STG and let us know how we can help.