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5 Ways to Win Over Difficult Clients

The best interview practices from Signature Transportation Group

If your business involves working with clients, there’s a chance you have had at least one who was difficult to please at some time or another. If you find yourself in this boat, Signature Transportation can help. Our Chicago car service can take care of your transportation needs easily and in style, so you and your client can concentrate on what’s important: closing the deal.

Tips on How to Win Over Difficult Clients

Whether you have a frustrated client who doesn’t feel heard or one who seems impossible to please, there are ways to connect and win them over, making your job easier in the process:

  • Mirror Them Studies have shown that people respond favorably to those who seem familiar to them. Mirroring your client’s speech patterns and body language (not copying) can be a great way to put them at ease.

  • Speak Clearly Your client may not understand the jargon your industry uses to explain what they do. Use common words and speak clearly, so you and your client stay on the same page.

  • Remind Them Why Youre Here You were chosen by your client for a reason. In the daily press to get the job done, they may have lost sight of how amazing you are. Help them remember.

  • Make Them Look Good Go above and beyond to make everything you do for your client the best you’ve ever done. This not only elevates your profile it will make them look good in front of their boss – something they won’t forget.

  • Make them Feel Good Unless your client is the CEO, he probably has someone looking over his shoulder. Treating your client well and providing perks such as Chicago car service from Signature Transport will remind them how important they are to you.

Using some, or all of these tips can help calm even the most difficult clients.

Why Choose Signature Transport?

Our professional drivers can pick your client up in one of our luxury town cars complete with complimentary water, periodicals, access to a state-of-the-art Bluetooth sound system, and if requested, high-speed internet access to help them keep connected to the content that matters to them.

For larger groups, Signature Transport offers access to stretch limousines, luxury SUVs, and executive buses that can transport as many as 43 people with additional luxury amenities like flat screen televisions and adult beverages if requested.

Who Does the Driving?

Each of our liveried drivers comes to us with a minimum of five years’ professional driving experience and a clean driving record. Before being asked to join our staff, our drivers undergo extensive criminal and drug screening and, once employed with us, regular drug testing and customer service training. This helps ensure that our clients receive the safest, highest quality service in Chicago.

Let Us Help You Win Over your Difficult Clients With Our Exclusive Chicago Car Service

There are many ways to win over difficult clients, few require so little work from you than our Chicago executive car service. Contact Signature Transport at (844) 266-5784 or visit our offices at 2300 Hamilton Road in Arlington Heights to learn more about the amenities we offer and schedule your Chicago car service.